Parenting Week brings families together, and events cover a broad range of parenting topics, crossing a spectrum of ages

Helping to face the world

by Ann van Engelen

“Recognising that all children come into the world with their own traits, personalities and goals is great, but sometimes ‘positively managing’ these can often come with its own challenges,” says Parenting Week coordinator Lee Arthur.

Her comment marks 10 years since Parenting Week, which began on Monday and runs until September 19, was first launched by The Neighbourhood Trust as an initiative to empower and upskill parents and caregivers in the Canterbury region.

“Much has changed during that time, but the challenges and rewards of parenting remain the same,” says Ms Arthur.

“Parenting Week, Christchurch was born from a desire to strengthen and empower parents through offering access to a range of expert speakers and interactive workshops. We cover a broad range of parenting topics and crossing a spectrum of ages. This year the theme is ‘Helping Whanau to Flourish’.

“We recognise that parents have enormous influence over their child’s development, their success, wellbeing and happiness.

“Parents are not the only influences in the lives of our children, especially after they begin school, start interacting with peers, choosing friends and facing the world in general.

“Parenting can be as overwhelming as it is gratifying, and it can also be subject to fads and changing styles. The underlying basic principles remain the same — our tamariki need the right direction, support, understanding and love.”

The Neighbourhood Trust is passionate about bringing together a host of resources to help parents broaden their knowledge base, whilst gaining the support they need on their parenting journey.

“As in previous years, we have partnered with some of the very best service providers and expert speakers. We have put together 10 action-packed days of content with over 30 different events across Christchurch and this year our aim is to reach more parents than ever — we would just love everyone to share in what is on offer.”

Check out the events on Selwyn Parenting Network or The Neighbourhood Trust’s Facebook page.