The community showed their support at the Zumba night of fun so families can attend Camp Twitch

Supporting people with Tourette’s

by Ann van Engelen

Saturday night’s Zumba fundraiser for the Tourette’s Association of New Zealand’s Camp Twitch raised more funds than expected to help families attend the upcoming camp.

“Our Zumba fun night went off with a bang, and we are so pleased with how much support we received from the community. We want to help families living with the syndrome attend the upcoming camp,” said organiser Catherine McHaffie.

There is limited funding available for people dealing with Tourette’s syndrome, so Catherine hosted the evening to subsidise the camp fees for families.

“About 100 people joined us, which was double what we thought we may have. The best part is, we more than doubled the amount of funds we were aiming to raise.”

The grand total of $2,686 was sent off to the Tourette’s Association of New Zealand.

“This means we can send more children to Camp Twitch 2019 than originally hoped for. The camp is really important for families because both children and adults can meet others with the condition. They build friendships and also get support from knowing they are not the only ones with the syndrome. The annual camp allows people from across the country to enjoy time together, and many make lifelong friendships. We really want to thank the community and our sponsors who donated raffle prizes for their support. Robyn Twemlow and the Tourette’s Association is a huge help to us, and she was excited to hear how well we did as this will make a huge difference to the people wanting to go to camp.”

The raffle prize winners were Julie, Vanessa and Saori.

For more information on Tourette’s go to the Tourette’s Association of NZ Facebook page or to help a family attend camp, go to