Jon, Patsy and Jonny King, with Sarah, Will and Sam Currie who were past employees of the store years ago when it was a retail shop

Celebrating Dunsandel together

by Ann van Engelen

Dunsandel residents came together to celebrate fathers and role models at the Dunsandel Store on Father’s Day.

“I have worked here since Bill brought the store some three years ago and it is a wonderful place. We believe it is important to give our community the chance to celebrate on both Mother’s and Father’s Day and encourage them to treat themselves to a meal out,” said manager Bex Savage.

“I am the baker, and we have two very good chefs. We are in a farming community and think all the dads, mums and role models are hard-working and deserve a chance to come and have a good meal. They can have family together on these days and not have to stress of cooking or cleaning up the mess later. We have a big fireplace and a comfortable homely vibe for people to socialise. Our meals are hearty, and I created special Father’s Day cookies as a special treat because dads aren’t really fussed on the pretty little cupcakes like we do for Mother’s Day.

“Our community is small, and it is like one big family, we know our local customers by name — not just the coffee they drink. We all support each other, and at present, our farmers are busy with calving and lambing season, so it was a nice opportunity for them to treat themselves to a meal out, have a break and celebrate friends and family together. We are in the middle of nowhere, but on the way to everywhere. It is great meeting new people who are passing through and having local people enjoy a chance to meet up when they can.”