Andy, Ben and Suzy at Waitaha School are preparing for their Summer Twilight Market and need marbles donated for a sensory wall project

Preparing for market

by Ann van Engelen

It may be winter, but Waitaha School students are already planning ahead and looking forward to their Summer Twilight Market.

“Our hope is to plan and run a community twilight market at our school that is student-led and allows all our wonderful talents to shine,” says deputy principal Sara Moppett.

“Our students have been busy sawing and sanding wood to make jewellery, researching different crafts that we can make, and exploring food and entertainment options. They are learning how to work together to run a successful market to raise the profile of our fantastic school whilst hopefully raising some money at the same time.

“Student agency is a main focus of the project, and we are encouraging our young people to take the lead here and really make this market their own.

Look out for posters and flyers in the next few weeks to advertise this event — we would love to see you all there.”

The school is also making a sensory wall for their students.

“This term, we have a few interesting and exciting projects taking place in our senior class. As well as planning our Summer Twilight Market, we are creating a sensory wall for our school playground. Our students have been learning how to use power tools safely to drill, saw and cut materials.

“We have been using recycled and upcycled materials in a bid to raise awareness of sustainability and the children have been thoroughly engaged in our programme. Our lessons are guided by our young people and the finished project will be a reflection of their ideas and suggestions.”