Community working together

by Ann van Engelen

The Pioneers of Canterbury marching teams are training for the upcoming competitions that begin in October and run until March.

“We were privileged to get sponsorship from Stems From Home home-based childcare for our Open teams’ uniform jackets. This is our four to seven-year-olds,” says coach Kylie Dowers.

“This was so helpful to keep the family costs down for the children to be able to join in. It is encouraging to see the community pull together as we work toward success as a local club as it means a little less fundraising.

Having the jackets not only do keep the children warm but if they spill something it is easier to clean than their marching uniform.

“The under sixteen-year-old teams have been participating in weekend training camps, and these have been a chance for everyone to learn through dedicated sessions with no interruptions.

“Marching is an exciting, non-contact sport, and it helps with coordination and brain development. We are looking forward to the season ahead, and our goal is simply to improve on last year’s achievements.

“We are based at Templeton Community Hall and have people from all over the Selwyn district and beyond attend.

“We welcome new members — you don’t need to have been a marcher for years, anyone can pick up the sport. Our teams are from four-year-olds in the Open up to Masters’ teams, which is 30 years old and over.

“Our Open and Intro teams, which are our juniors, are presenting the half-time entertainment at the Leisure Marching event at the Bishopdale YMCA on September 21. This will be a great experience for them, and they are very excited.”

For more information go to the Pioneers of Canterbury Marching Team Facebook page.