The students, and teachers, along with their families from Windwhistle School, actively participate in various outdoor activities during the year. In winter they make the most of the snow and travel to Mt Hutt ski field where they not only discover the different techniques needed for skiing, but also the responsibilities of being on the mountain, the dangers they may face and how to keep safe. Principal Bronwen Seaward believes it is important to teach children the different aspects of the environment they live in and utilises the opportunities available throughout the year as part of the students’ education.

Windwhistle School’s adventures

by Ann van Engelen

As part of their yearly school activities, the students at Windwhistle School travel to Mt Hutt for ski lessons and family time during term three.

“The whole school goes to these events and are given one and a half-hour ski lessons by the Mt Hutt ski instructors. We work in conjunction with Mt Hutt and have six ski days with back up days if the weather doesn’t allow,” says Principal Bronwen Seaward.

“Parents transport the children to the mountain as part of our education outside the classroom programme. We do this to give the children experience and being so close to the facilities, it makes sense to utilise the opportunity. At present, they are also learning about mountain safety and other aspects of the environment.”

Each visit the families are able to stay at the ski fields until closing allowing them to have time together and socialise with others.

“That gives them the opportunity to practise and have fun. We have children up to year six, and some of our students can now ski on all terrain and participate at competition level because they have been learning through school for a few years now.

“We have a very unique programme here and like to share what we do with our community. We have a golf tournament every year, and the board helps fund the ski programme, so it is a minimal cost for the families. We firmly believe in using our local environment as part of our learning programme as we live in a unique position in the world.”