Mike helps parents and families

by Laurie Willetts

Mike King will be at Rolleston College empowering both young and old with positive reinforcement on September 17 at 7pm.

Selwyn Parenting Network brings Mike to Parenting Week to share his experience and his insights into the problems faced by young people today.

“He promotes the message that it’s okay to ask for help. He champions a whole school, community-wide approach to wellbeing, sharing ideas about how we can empower our young people to help them develop resilience and live happy and productive lives,” says Selwyn Parenting Network coordinator Kate Webb.

“Mike spoke at Christ’s College in May, and the people who attended are still speaking about how he impacted not just the young folk but everyone. The knowledge he shared has helped them with their parenting skills, their outlook on life, and how they think about certain life circumstances. He is very excited to be coming to join us, and Rolleston College has been fantastic with providing the venue, which will seat 500 people. We couldn’t wish for a better venue as we bridge the gap for rural families as well and stretch right out across Selwyn. We really hope younger people will come along for a great evening.

“Mike says the event will lend itself to children, teenagers and adults as he delivers a hopeful message and connects people with services and resources within the community.”

Tickets are $12 a person or $20.00 for two people and are selling fast. They can be booked through dashtickets.co.nz. ¢