Maria MacFarlane, Diane Haynes, Emma Kennedy and Jessica Roberts — It Takes a Village Hub board members

Community working together

by Ann van Engelen

It Takes a Village Hub is a charity that has helped more than 255 families during the past 12 months not just with the basics of life, but also life skills and practical advice.

“We started as a Pay it Forward page on Facebook in December 2016 and now have more than 15,000 members who regularly pay forward items and interact with each other. We have had charity status just over 12 months now,” says director Maria MacFarlane.

“Our motto is ‘No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone’.

Every week volunteers help run the groups in Central, South and North Canterbury. We do not tolerate negativity, and our pages are heavily monitored by a dedicated team. Our aim is to provide a safe and judgement-free zone for people from all walks of life. We collaborate with other agencies and charities to ensure people receive the help they need.” Maria says there is a gap in the local community for low to middle-income families in need. “Our groups include breastfeeding mums, solo dads and grandparents, and we repurpose things of good quality, including household goods, baking and children’s items.

“At present, we need consumable items and donations for baby and toddler bundles. Many of us purchase these ourselves because the demand is far outweighing our donations. A $20 donation will get nappies, soap, shampoo plus more and every donation, no matter how small will help a family. People we support get really encouraged as we all work together in kindness and we would be so grateful for any help people can give. We can be contacted through the It Takes A Village Hub New Zealand, Facebook page.”