Mr Cotton celebrates his birthday

Spin classes attract all ages

by Mike Isle

Mr Cotton is one of the most enthusiastic members of the Rolleston Community Centre spin classes — which he attends three times a week.

However, Wednesday’s class was extra special. It coincided with his 92nd birthday, and class members decided to mark the day.

Group fitness instructor Kim Roberts said the class often celebrate birthdays, but they were keen to do something a bit different for their inspiring oldest member.

“We’re all mother hens to him. He’s amazing. He’s an inspiration for all of us that age is no restriction. We just wanted to make it extra special for him.”

Mr Cotton also attends Mature and Motivated, a council-run low impact, fun exercise class for people above 50, though spin has become his main focus, group fitness instructor Kim Roberts said.

“A keen cyclist, he was encouraged to join the classes about six months ago after a conversation with one of their members at a cafe,” she said.

“For 92 he’s pretty fit. He shows up some of the younger ones sometimes too. If he’s not cycling indoors, he can be seen sometimes cycling outdoors.”

Mr Cotton said there are more benefits to the classes than just staying fit.

“I’ve met lots of new people, and they’re very social, and we all go for coffee afterwards. It’s where you go to make new friends.”

Mr Cotton is also a fan of the music played during the class and sometimes can be seen at warm down with the instructor’s microphone singing along.

Council spin classes are available at Rolleston Community Centre and Lincoln Event Centre with a range of morning, mid-morning and evening times. Times are listed in the term three activity programme, which is available online or from local council facilities.