Mayors walk the talk on water

by Mike Isle

Selwyn’s mayor Sam Broughton and other Canterbury mayors have reconfirmed their support for working together on looking after the region’s water resources.

In a refresh of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS), members of the Canterbury Mayoral Forum have confirmed their support for the strategy. The forum also adopted new goals to improve and manage water in Canterbury and charged Environment Canterbury to work with councils and partners to find solutions for those goals.

Broughton says the CWMS is an outstanding example to the rest of the country of a united, regional approach to managing water.

Under the CWMS, 10 local zone committees with council, community and rununga members provide recommendations to Environment Canterbury on how to best address issues at a local level. These can result in local rules in the form of plan changes that control certain activities in order to deliver the results the community requires.

The Selwyn Waihora Zone committee has been a driving force behind several key projects, Broughton said.

“The whole province working together is helping us to make a significant difference in improving water systems in Canterbury and protecting them for the future. We have seen some big projects in Selwyn to support our district, but it’s important to work together on such an important and precious resource as water.”