The local community is helping develop the District Plan

District Plan on track

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Council is on track to have its next District Plan ready for formal public consultation early next year.

With local government elections coming up in October, the council’s District Plan Committee, which has been making decisions on the direction of the new District Plan, held its final meeting for the year last week.

“It’s timely to give everyone interested in the review of our current District Plan an update on where we are at and what to expect next,” said Tim Harris, council’s group manager environmental and regulatory services.

“There are some areas of the current plan that still need further targeted consultation with stakeholders and landowners, but most of the proposed detailed policies and rules for the Proposed Plan have now been drafted and consulted on,” he said.

Following last year’s initial public consultation on the general direction of the future plan, the council has done a lot of targeted consultation with affected landowners and stakeholders on more detailed draft rules and policies across a range of topics relevant to business, rural or residential communities.

“We would like to thank everyone who’s provided feedback and helped shaped the future District Plan so far,” said Harris.

Anyone wanting to have a further say on the future District Plan and to see the detailed draft provisions will have the opportunity when the plan is notified.

It’s expected that the Proposed District Plan will be notified for formal public consultation in early 2020 and be fully in place, subject to any Environment Court appeals, in mid-2022.

In the meantime, to find out more about the future District Plan, all reports developed during the review are on the council’s website.