The new complex will include eight indoor courts and a 240-metre indoor walking track

Contractor confirmed for Foster Park

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Council has appointed Apollo Projects Ltd to build the Foster Park indoor courts.

The indoor court facility includes eight courts, along with a 240-metre indoor walking track on the mezzanine level.

The courts were confirmed in the Long Term Plan 2018–2028 (LTP) and should be completed in time for the winter 2021 sports season, council major projects manager John Reid said.

Four of the courts will be built with a sprung wooden floor, while the other half of the building will feature a multi-purpose floor, which will be able to host a wide range of events and functions.

Reid said there had been a lot of interest in these courts from the general community.

“Not just sports groups and the multi-purpose space gives you lots of flexibility — you could host an indoor market, or a trade show, or an exhibition. It makes it a place for everyone.”

The council approved a $21.5 million budget for the project, which includes both the building construction and the surrounding landscaping requirements.

The courts will have a focus on serving the community, including clubs and schools, rather than high-performance sport and recreation, which also meant the district was maximising the value of the facility, Reid said.

“We’ve taken the approach that this is a community facility and our emphasis has been to provide as much indoor space with good quality courts for community use.

“That’s meant we’re getting this eight-court facility for the same price or less than many facilities half its size that has been constructed in recent years around New Zealand.”

The project will now move to a detailed design phase with construction planned to begin in early November this year.