Children as young as five years old competed in the Canterbury Junior Golf Tournament last week

Appreciating the sport

by Ann van Engelen

A field of 45 junior golfers from across Canterbury competed in the Canterbury Junior Tournament played at the Rangiora Golf Club last week.

“The children participated in two events with both 18 holes and 9 holes on offer to cater for the various stages of development. Rangiora provided a great course with the juniors all enjoying the challenge,” says Canterbury Golf development manager Rachel Thow.

“We run a junior tournament every school holidays. The younger children play from a shorter course, and the more experienced and older children compete on the normal course.

“We introduced the nine-hole shorter option for newer players as an introduction to the game, so they are able to achieve pars as well. One girl from the Selwyn club shot one under par from the shortened course including two birdies and an eagle. That is a real highlight for anyone to have let alone a young child.

“The school holiday games allow children the opportunity to play with different people on different courses around Canterbury and gives them something to get involved with. With Selwyn Hub, we have now finalised our term three programme and are looking forward to a new series that has seven events and new opportunities for the juniors to play different formats.

“Those involved in golf are loving the sport, and it is great seeing them succeed on the modified formats and enjoy their own version of the game. Our main goal is to give them the opportunity to have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves.”