Brenton Connell and Hannah Mentink enjoy taking their vintage caravan to special events

A vintage experience

by Ann van Engelen

The Thirsty Caravan is a vintage 1985 Oxford caravan that has been lovingly transformed into a boutique pop-up bar and she really can go anywhere.

“We help with weddings, organising parties and celebrating engagements, and special occasions, including baby showers. Whatever your special occasion is, we are here to help,” says owner Brenton Connell.

“Hannah Mentink my partner and I came up with the idea when we saw the van for sale on and decided it was a unique opportunity as we fell in love with it and could see the potential as an awesome thing to do together.

Hannah attended Ellesmere College and loves being able to provide a little bit of vintage to the local community with our little van.

“It was originally set up for a wedding, and we think it is a really special business to be able to share with other people. It has been a fun journey so far, and we are excited about the future. We travel anywhere we are needed and enjoy the social environments. Anything people can think of we will consider attending. We enjoy a good party and corporate functions as well.

“The Thirsty Caravan comes fully equipped with everything you will need to serve and impress your guests — you just sort the drinks. We love the variety of people we meet and helping them to enjoy their big day whatever it may be. Our caravan certainly adds to the fun atmosphere and provides a unique experience.

For more information check out The Thirsty Caravan website or Facebook page.