The Christchurch SPCA need donations of appropriate toys to help entertain dogs in their care

SPCA needs toys

by Ann van Engelen

The Christchurch SPCA is in desperate need of toys to help keep dogs entertained while in care at the centre.

“Toys are important for the animals because it helps them be healthy and happy. Dogs need to have the ability to play, especially if they are in a shelter and don’t have a home of their own,” says SPCA communications manager Jessie Gilchrist.

“What is especially useful is toys that they have to get food out of such as puzzle feeders and kongs. They are very stimulating and make the dog have to work for food. With puzzle feeders the dog gets its food once it solves the puzzle. They also help pass the time of day for them as well.

“This week we have had eight puppies arrive from Nelson, and we already have many others in our care. We also appreciate the donation of blankets, sheets and towels to help keep our animals warm and clean.”

The SPCA also need foster parents for kittens and adult dogs.

“Foster parents are an important part of our community as they help animals adapt to being in a home or recover from injury or illness. It allows the pets to have a break while a home is found specifically for their needs and personality.

“Animals deserve a good life, and we need the Christchurch community to help us achieve this. The SPCA wouldn’t exist without the kindness of people, their care and support.

“SPCA cupcake day is on Monday, August 5. People bake, sell and raise money for animals in need. The Coffee Club NZ will be also selling cupcakes in all 65 stores throughout New Zealand from Monday, 29 July leading up to August 5. All money raised will go towards helping abused and neglected animals. To join us register online at”