Councillor Craig Watson, hoping to enter national politics

Craig Watson not standing

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Councillor Craig Watson has announced that he will not seek re-election in this year’s local government elections.

He has chosen instead to put his name forward for selection for the National Party candidacy in Selwyn.

“Amy Adams’ announcement to stand down as the local National Party MP forced me to have a few days of reflection to decide where I could best serve the people of Selwyn most effectively,” Watson said.

“My family and I love this district, it’s our home, and it has been a privilege working for the Selwyn council where I have been involved in a variety of fantastic projects, but I have never made a secret of my dream to one day represent our community in parliament.”

In making this announcement, Watson wanted to make an early decision about standing for council to avoid triggering a potential council by-election.

“I know there are no guarantees when standing for the National Party candidacy, but I decided it would have been unethical going through the council elections, knowing that I could be involved in another election in a year’s time.

“I have served the National Party for over a decade and have a strong relationship with the local membership, so I believe the time is right to offer myself for consideration to be their next representative in Wellington.”