Counterfeit notes circulating

by Mike Isle

Police have issued a warning about counterfeit notes circulating through Canterbury.

Two men have been arrested and charged with possession of the notes, but police warn that some notes are still in circulation and shopkeepers in particular need to keep vigilant.

One store in Darfield fell victim when it accepted a counterfeit $100 note last week. Other notes believed to be in circulation are $50, $20 and $5 notes. A police spokesperson told The Record that retailers need to be reminded to be vigilant and to check banknotes before accepting them.

She said information on how to spot a counterfeit note was available on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s website.

The bank says New Zealand has low levels of counterfeiting by international standards, but our banknotes are made of polymer (a type of plastic) and have security features carefully built in to help make spotting a counterfeit easier. 

Simon Darryl Bryant, 28, a fisherman from Nelson, and Isaac Vaughn Wilson, 29, a coachbuilder from Rakaia, appeared in the Christchurch District Court last week. 

They were jointly charged with unlawful possession of 19 forged $50 notes, one $100 note, one $20 note and a $5 note.

No pleas were entered.