Parents are encouraged to have time out with their baby at Babies CanPlay sessions

Babies enjoy playtime

by Ann van Engelen

Babies CanPlay is a Playcentre initiative for children under two years old and their families in Rolleston, Lincoln and Leeston area.

“Our programme is all about building relationships, discovering music with your children, open discussions, free play, shared kai and making connections with other families. All sessions are held in local playcentres,” says programme coordinator Anna  

Babies CanPlay — play sessions are for babies from birth to 18 months of age.

“We give the gift of time at Babies CanPlay, and sessions offer a relaxed, respectful and nurturing environment for you and your baby to spend time together and enjoy each other,” says Anna.

“We provide a safe and interesting space for your baby to freely explore and learn through sensory play, stories and music, alongside you. Thanks to brain research, we now know the first thread years are huge in children’s brain development. Our programme offers time for you to delight in your child’s discoveries. 

“We understand life is busy, and this time gives you a chance to slow down and watch your baby play and interact with other babies. Parents who have attended our sessions tell us they place a high value on this time with baby away from the demands of everyday life. 

“It takes a village to raise children. You will meet other parents and have the opportunity to build lifetime friendships for you and your baby. We explore parenting ideas because we know none of us knows it all, but together, we can work it out. 

We currently have sessions in Leeston, Rolleston and Lincoln, to register your interest email Anna or check us out on Facebook at