McKenzie Woodgate and Alexis Wright with the ‘Can Drive’ collection from Templeton Primary School for the Christchurch City Mission Foodbank

Templeton Can Drive

by Ann van Engelen

Students at Templeton Primary School joined forces recently to help provide food for the Christchurch City Mission food banks throughout the city.

“I recently saw an advertisement asking for people to support others in need by donating cans of food because the City Mission was completely out of baked beans and spaghetti. They were also down to the last few tins of fruit and tomatoes,” said school leader Alexis Wright.

“I learnt that during the month of April, the Christchurch City Mission served 2,561 people through their foodbank. This was an increase of more than 36 per cent from the same time last year. They needed help so they could continue to support real people in real need, and we thought the children at Templeton School could help too. It was our chance to action the phrase ‘I will look after you’ we had been talking so much about following the March 15 attacks, and as a school, we could make a difference.

“We ran a ‘Can Drive’ for three weeks and asked the students to drop their cans of food into the school office. Every few days we would count them up as each can donated was awarded one point for the pupil’s House. It was a great way to introduce some friendly ‘House competition’ in school while helping other people.

“Templer was the winning House having donated an incredible 235 cans. All in all, we received an amazing 689 cans of food. We are so proud of our school and thankful for everyone that supported us.”