Quarry submissions go online

by Mike Isle

Environment Canterbury has gone online to publish the submissions it received in relation to Fulton Hogan’s proposed quarry in Templeton.

The council has received 430 submissions, 329 of which oppose Fulton Hogan’s application for resource consent for the Jones Road quarry.

However, the large number of submissions received has created its own set of headaches for the council.

In its latest update for Templeton residents, Environment Canterbury said that in the case of some handwritten submissions they had deciphered some of the names incorrectly, and in other cases made a typo during the uploading process. 

The council apologised for the errors.

The submissions can be viewed and checked on Environment Canterbury’s website: ecan.govt.nz.

If anyone has any corrections to their name or would prefer their submission wasn’t published they should email the council with this information to quarrymail@ecan.govt.nz.

The council said that in some cases, because of sensitive personal information in submissions, they chose to publish them in redacted form or not publish them at all to protect the interests of submitters. That is the reason some submitters may not find their submissions online.