Amy Adams MP

Selwyn roading projects less likely to go ahead

by Amy Adams, MP for Selwyn

In my role as the MP for Selwyn, I often correspond with the NZTA making enquiries on behalf of local residents about planned safety improvements and raising concerns about parts of the roading network that are not working well.

One of these areas is the intersection of SH73 and Weedons Ross Road in West Melton. I have had many people who live in West Melton and use this intersection regularly express concern about traffic flows and safety at this site, and I have contacted the NZTA numerous times about plans to improve safety at this intersection.

Given the impact of the Southern Motorway extension on the surrounding roading network, I believe it is more important than ever that identified improvements to the wider roading system such as this intersection proceed.

However, this looks very unlikely given that the NZTA has recently pulled funding from a further three roading projects in Selwyn, including safety improvements at the Shands/Blakes Roads and Springs/Marshs Roads intersections.

This is the second wave of cuts to roading projects in Selwyn after the NZTA denied funding for a dozen other badly needed road safety improvements that had been recommended for funding in the 2018–2021 National Land Transport Plan, including the SH73 — Weedons Ross Road intersection referred to above.

I am deeply concerned that this decision not to fund these important safety improvements will result in more serious accidents and potentially even fatalities on our region’s roads.

While the government has claimed that road safety is one of its highest priorities, it has actually cut funding to the sector.

We are all paying more in fuel taxes, even those who cycle, use public transport or have electric vehicles pay more for goods and services whenever suppliers raise their prices to cover increasing fuel costs.

Unfortunately, we have not seen these tax dollars allocated to the roading safety improvements that our region so badly needs.