Steven Moe: “Good news is all around us.”

Good news behind growth of Seeds

by Mike Isle

A lawyer who shares a widely-held belief that there is perhaps too much negativity in our world has started an online platform devoted to good news stories.

Steven Moe, who is a partner at Christchurch law firm Parry Field Lawyers, said that as a lawyer he met many amazing people in the community who were doing good work but didn’t have the platform to tell their stories.

So, he decided to create a podcast called Seeds.

“A podcast provides the platform to let people share their journeys and what they have learnt along the way. At the heart of it, the telling of stories is still what ‘seeds’ is. Seeds look like they are dead — plant them and with the right conditions they can grow. In the same way, stories are like seeds and the people listening might just be inspired by someone else to try something new or push a boundary of what they thought was possible.

“One of my goals with Seeds is to surprise the listeners each week with how different the person I interviewed is to the week before. I have spoken with start-up owners, people with PhDs in topics like virtual reality and infectious diseases, a six-year-old on what it’s like being a child, a Rwandan refugee, someone shot in the March attacks, Sam Broughton on being mayor, a 90-year-old nun who remembers her father crying when the second world war started.

“There is a huge variety and now more than 108 episodes in the back catalogue. It’s all there and free, and so I am noticing an increase in listeners as people find out about it — currently it’s at 33,000 listens across all the episodes.”

Seeds has proved to be so popular that Moe has extended the concept to include a full website, videos and a series of Seeds Impact lunches for people who want to get out of their silos and challenge the status quo.

Nor is Steven Moe finished yet — he has plenty more in mind as Seeds blossoms.

“I’d like to do some more videos and maybe a few sketches. I am also talking with a researcher at the University of Canterbury about some of the findings; as she thinks that the content of the interviews could form the basis for some academic research as there is a large sample size of people now and understanding the human motivations that drive them. That is pretty exciting, so we will see what results.”

The Seeds podcast can be found on most podcast sites, the website is, and the next Seeds Impact Lunch is on July 25 — details on the website.