Coalgate’s name comes from the town being the ‘gateway’ to the district’s lignite coal fields

Ownership settled at Coalgate

by Mike Isle

The Selwyn District Council has agreed to start a process to legalise a series of undedicated roads around Coalgate.

A council spokesperson said roads were laid out when Coalgate was first planned but was not properly transferred to the Crown. That left issues around unclear ownership and use and left properties without legal road access, which has limited options for subdivision and growth of the township.

“Dedicating the roads will clear up the ownership issues, give properties legal road access and allow council and landowners the ability to plan for future growth with improved certainty,” he said.

The council will now publicly list its intention to formalise the land as a public road, and it will meet with the affected landowners to discuss the implications for them and receive feedback. That will help the council make decisions around how these roads will be used in conjunction with adjoining landowners.