Deserved honour

by Mike Isle

A stalwart of the Darfield and Kirwee communities has been given a much-deserved award in the Queen’s Birthday Honour list but says it is an award for the community.

Adrienne Elizabeth Begg has been awarded the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM) for her services to sport and the community.

Mrs Begg said she couldn’t believe it when she heard she had been nominated for the award and it certainly wasn’t her motivation for the work she does in the community.

“You belong to a community, and you help out when you can. You don’t do these jobs to get any accolades in the end. You just do them,” she said.

Mrs Begg said she was given a month to decide whether to accept the award, but after giving it a lot of thought decided that she would respect whoever nominated her and would accept the award for all the people she worked alongside in the community.

However, and whilst she shares the award with the community, Mrs Begg’s personal contributions to her communities are truly impressive. She was secretary of the Courtenay Agricultural and Pastoral Association from 1982 to 2014, served as president in 2015 and remains a committee member. She served as a member of the Kirwee Reserve Board from 1962 to 2007. She has been caretaker of the Kirwee Community Hall since 1960 and secretary since 2001. She was actively involved in the raising of $400,000 to upgrade the hall. She has been secretary/treasurer of St George’s Anglican Church in Kirwee since 2009 and is vestry representative to Malvern Anglican Parish.

She was secretary/treasurer of the Kirwee Hockey Club from 1964 to 1998 and served as president of Malvern Hockey. Begg coached primary and senior teams was a selector for Malvern Hockey and a New Zealand B Grade umpire for national tournaments. She has held a range of roles with the Kirwee Tennis Club since the 1960s, including club captain, coach, and representative player.

Despite being so busy, Adrienne Begg still works part-time at the Darfield Medical Centre.

“It is good to keep your hand in,” she said.