The Selwyn Winter Sport Programme has grown dramatically, but it needs help to continue

Winter Sports Programme needs support

by Mike Isle

This year’s Selwyn Winter Sport Programme is kicking off with 2,000 students, 13 schools and 18 sports providers participating, but the programme needs help to continue.

The Selwyn Sport Trust, which runs the programme, identified what it said was a critical gap during winter of sports opportunities for primary-age children.

“As a trust, we believe that every young person has the right and should be encouraged to take part in physical activity, regardless of their individual ability, ethnicity, gender or any other factor,” said trust coordinator Amy McClintock.

“Our winter sport programme is inclusive and accommodates individual differences and abilities by offering a broad range of activities to ensure that everyone can be included.

“In order for young people to learn and develop, they need to be exposed to as many sports/physical activity opportunities as possible while they are young.

Since 2017 the number of students and schools taking part in the programme has expanded, but so has the struggle for the trust to keep the programme cost neutral for participants. Amy McClintock said the trust is calling on local businesses to help keep the programme going.

“To sustain this programme and also keep up with growth, we need support from any local business organisations to aid our delivering winter sport in Selwyn during 2020 and beyond.”

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