Probus caters to a variety of interests

New Probus club planned

by Mike Isle

Rolleston’s Probus Club is proving to be so popular a second club is planned for the town.

The existing club has 160 active members who meet monthly at the Rolleston Community Centre. However, the venue is bursting at the seams accommodating that many and the club are looking at starting a second chapter of the popular social organisation for the retired and semi-retired.

An exploratory meeting will be held in the community centre on Thursday, June 18, starting at 10am.

A past president of the Rolleston club Margaret Drake said she was hoping the meeting would attract both current and potential new members of Probus. Both the existing and planned new clubs were combined clubs, which meant they were open to both men and women, she said.

“The main attraction is the opportunity to meet with similarly aged people with similar interests, to listen to interesting speakers and to visit local attractions,” Drake said.

Probus clubs meet monthly and often have an outing between meetings. Many clubs have interest groups as well, including walking, book clubs, photography, travel, cuisine and crafts.
The clubs do not involve themselves in fundraising.

The Probus movement began in the United Kingdom in 1965. Its intent then and now was to be purely social and instructive.

Initially, it was just two clubs, but by 2018 it had grown to 4,000 clubs and 400,000 members worldwide.

Selwyn has four clubs: Malvern/Darfield (180 members), West Melton (90 members), Ellesmere/Lincoln (140 members) and the current Rolleston club with its 160 members.