Gifts bring warmth for women

by Mike Isle

Winter is here, but it is going to be a lot warmer for some women and children thanks to the initiative shown by a group of Canterbury ‘aunties’.

The charity organisation Christchurch Aunties put the call out for donations of good quality coats and jackets, which they would then give to Women’s Refuge and other support organisations.

The response they received surprised even the Aunties.

Auntie Heather explains: “We put the call out on social media for jackets and in three weeks we had over 130 lovely warm coats and jackets, many of them new, donated for women and children.

“We also had people responding with lots of woollen hats, scarves and children’s knitted slippers.”

Heather said the Aunties were stunned by the generosity that even included people donating new duvet inners, new electric blankets and other bedding.

The Aunties say they now have enough coats, but the push is still on for sleepwear for women and children.

They also have an ongoing Undie Run on the hunt for new underwear, socks, nappies and sanitary products.

The Christchurch Aunties formed in 2017, inspired by the Aunties movement created in Auckland by Jackie Clark in 2012.

Through social media messaging, they have created a network of people of all genders and backgrounds contributing to the Christchurch Aunties.

Involvement with Christchurch Aunties is unpaid and voluntary.

Donations to the Aunties go to Battered Women’s Trust, Te Whare Hauora, West Christchurch Women’s Refuge, Shakti Women’s Refuge and YWCA.

To be part of the Aunties movement or to make donations go to the Aunties website: