Burglary growth slower

by Mike Isle

Burglaries and other thefts in Selwyn continue to rise, but police figures reveal the pace is slowing.

In the year to March 31, 2019, there were 868 reported burglaries, thefts and related offences in Selwyn — an increase of nine on the year to March 2018.

However, this is in a period when the number of such offences nation-wide actually declined.

Rolleston-based senior sergeant Peter Stills said vigilance is the main protection for home and property owners.

“Whether you are at home or not, you should continuously think about the security of your home,” Stills said.

“Thieves and burglars will take every chance they can to get what they are after. That includes entering your house if they know you are working in the back yard or busy in the garage.”

The police website police.govt.nz lists a host of measures homeowners can take to protect their property, but there is one measure police recommend that can help them recover property after it is stolen; that is identifying and marking property.

Police say burglars are unlikely to steal items that are permanently marked because they’re hard to sell.

They recommend engraving valuable items with your driver licence number, car registration number or phone number.

They say Neighbourhood Support can provide a warning sticker to put on a window.

The sticker will discourage most criminals from taking your property because they know there is a greater risk of getting caught or traced if they handle and attempt to sell identifiable goods, police say.

The Selwyn District Council provides a purpose-built Neighbourhood Watch website: selwyn.getsready.net.