The Selwyn School of Dance Mini team performing in the Song and Dance section of the Evolution Dance Competition

The dancers’ success

by Ann van Engelen

Selwyn School of Dance students took out several wins and placings when they competed at The Evolution Dance Competition held at the Haeata Community Campus last weekend.

“There was a lot of tough competition, and we are very proud of our girls’ accomplishments at the event. We had a team of 23 junior and senior dancers who have been dedicated to practising all year. The placings mean they qualified to travel to Australia next year,” says Selwyn School of Dance director, Emma Body.

The team ranges in age from 8–18 years old, and they give up every weekend to prepare.

“The choreography is done in-house by myself and two teachers, and we have the costumes designed specifically for each dance.

“We entered a contemporary item with our seniors that was about dealing with bullying called Clown. The girls also performed jazz, a theatre item taken from The Greatest Showman movie, a lyrical item called Towards the Sun and ballet.”

The junior and senior teams placed first in ballet, second in lyrical for 99 Red Balloons, the items called Toward the Sun and Clown came third, and the junior song and dance received first place.

“Four senior students qualified with their solo and duos as well. All the girls were over the moon with their placings and will travel to Australia in January 2020 to compete against other Australian and New Zealand finalists at The Evolution Dance Competition.

“This is a huge deal for them because they will be on an international stage.

They will have exposure to the industry and professionals within the industry. They will also participate in dance workshops while they are there with world-renowned choreographers.

“There were lots of other dancers from the greater Christchurch area at the event, and the calibre of the competition was really good with a very high standard.

“It was an incredible effort by all the teams, and we are very proud of them. From here on in we will have fundraising events to help the girls financially, and they will be rehearsing for the trip to Australia.”