Council looks to deal with a growing mountain of waste

Public feedback sought on waste

by Mike Isle

The growing volume of waste in Selwyn has prompted the district council to propose a far-reaching waste management plan that will provide efficient waste management for at least the next six years.

The proposed plan includes options such as promoting greater uptake of the kerbside organics service in areas where it’s available, establishing a reuse shop and salvage yard, increasing education on waste reduction and improving access to services. The plan also explores emerging alternative waste technologies and initiatives.

The council says that significant growth in population and the associated increase in volumes of waste streams are projected to continue for the foreseeable future. There is also growing volumes of commercial and construction waste in the district.

Legislative changes in China affecting the ability to export recyclables have also forced a rethink about recycle processing on a global scale.

The plan seeks to address those issues. However, before the plan is implemented, the public is invited to have its say on the proposals.

The council has uploaded an easy-to-use submission form on its website and hard copy forms can be obtained from council offices.

Submissions close at 5pm Friday, June 7.