Pictured from left: Chris Allan, Maureen Allan (Waitaha Principal), Alijah Prakash, Michael O’Connell, Mackenzie Miller, Jac Daniels. Kaine Marriott, Xavelio Moale, Andrew Hill-Swan, Jonty Geddis, Mayor Sam Broughton.

Waitaha students presented with awards

by Mike Isle

Nine students from Waitaha School have been presented with their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards by Selwyn mayor Sam Broughton.

Chris Allan from the Joshua Foundation facilitated the award for the school, which he said included participants being involved with a service to the community.

“It is all about developing a new skill, which will support the participants in the future. Being involved with a physical recreation which saw participants cycling; walking, swimming and playing games, and an Adventurous Journey,” he said

The Bronze students covered 20km for their Bronze Adventurous Journey and the Silver participants covered more than 40km for six days of activity.

Mack said: “I showed Mum, Dad, my brothers and my dog my badge and certificate, they were really happy.” Xavelio said he felt happy and “really proud of myself.” Andrew said he was ready to do his gold award “and can’t wait to start!”

Chris Allan acknowledged that the determination and personal drive from each participant in completing the award was truly amazing.

“The participants never stop surprising me with their innate ability to recognise when one of them is struggling and then gather around and support that person when the going gets tough,” he said.

Allan praised the work of the Waitaha staff and recognised their love, support and encouragement for the students.