Rotary in Rolleston

by Mike Isle

The newly formed Rotary Club in Rolleston is inviting prospect members to come along to a free information meeting.

The meeting, which will be in the Selwyn District Council’s staff cafeteria on Wednesday, May 29 at 7pm, will introduce the public to a service club with a long and distinguished history of service to the community.

Club spokesperson Matthew Sullivan said: “As Rotarians, we volunteer our skills, talents and whatever time we have available to make a difference in our community. By working together on local projects, we meet new people, network, socialise and have fun together gaining the satisfaction of giving back.” He said the information meeting would be a two-way dialogue.

“We want to hear what people want to get out of Rotary, what would encourage them to join a service organisation, and what opportunities they see for us to contribute to the community.”

Visit their Facebook page Rolleston Rotary Club Information to register your interest or contact Murray Washington Email: or 027 221 5993.