Richard Jenkins (Beca Principal — Civil Engineering) awarded Ara mechanical engineering student Rebecca Jones with the Beca scholarship

Passion for engineering rewarded

by Mike Isle

Building a wheelchair from readily available recyclable items has earned Ara student Rebecca Jones a $2,500 scholarship.

The engineering student built the wheelchair for her final year project at Ara after seeing the lack of wheelchairs during a trip to India.

“We saw so many people in the streets outside hospitals that didn’t have anything they could use to get around. At the same time, there was so much rubbish around, so many different materials, that I thought maybe I could build something out of that, which could help people.”

Jones, who wants to be a qualified engineer working in the prosthetics field, said her passion was to make the world better through engineering.

“I am very passionate about what I do, and my love for engineering has grown over time. I really enjoy helping others.”

Engineering consultants Beca awarded the $2,500 scholarship to Jones. The company’s Richard Jenkins said Jones’ enthusiasm and commitment to her chosen career path impressed him.

“It is always great to meet people who are passionate about what they do and study, and Rebecca was no exception.

“What made her passion for engineering stand out more were her efforts to make life better for her friends, family and community,” said Jenkins.

Jones said the scholarship would help her spend more time working on large projects during her final year studying at Ara, instead of working at her part-time job.

“When eventually I head out into the workforce, I can give back to others what I have learnt and achieved while studying.”