Students at Hororata Primary had a field day at Primary Focus

Focus on family at Hororata

by Mike Isle

For the second year in a row, Hororata Primary has been given the nod by Lincoln University as the venue for the university’s Primary Focus Day.

The day, as the name suggests, puts the focus on families working in the primary industries.

Lincoln students, designated by the university as future leaders, put on a range of activities at the school, designed to enable families to work together to accomplish some, for some, simple tasks such as dads baking cakes and mums’ sculpture competitions.

Student leader Freddie Gibson said the objective of this event was to promote good all-around wellbeing within the rural community by providing an opportunity for farming families to participate in activities, which involve the whole family.

“This is to begin creating habits, which will make each family unit stronger and realise that you don’t always have to go out of the farm gate to take time off. It’s all about appreciating the simple things in life,” Gibson said.

This year’s event on May 10 was well-attended and built on the success and the feedback from the previous year.

Hororata Primary principal Marty Gameson summarised the event by saying at the end of the day, “Primary Focus is all about our community. It brings together the whole community; we have grandparents in wheelchairs through to the very little kids who aren’t even at school yet. It is not about the school only; it’s about the wider community.

“It is an event we would love to see continue every year.”