Seeing the inside of the fire truck was one activity the children at Selwyn Kids enjoyed

Fire truck visit appreciated

by Ann van Engelen

The children from Selwyn Kids interacted with the staff from Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade last week and learnt about the fire trucks, smoke alarms, and what the firefighters do on a daily basis.

“Fireman Sam was all dressed up in his safety gear and was a great hit with the children,” says Selwyn Kids’ Rebecca Adams.

“Seeing the truck certainly put a smile on their faces. We did a little bit of safety, and they saw how the hose works, why the vehicles have a siren, and they got to ask lots of questions.

“The fire brigade has been a real interest with the children lately. We have a toy fire engine that they push around and a puzzle they enjoy doing. We believe it is important to let the children meet our different emergency services staff at a young age. This means that if they need the help of fire brigade, ambulance or police at any stage, the children already know what they are about. This helps them not be so afraid when they see any of them turn up.

“We also learnt about fire drills, how to get down, get low and get out, calling 111 if necessary and how their family can make an escape plan at home should a fire ever break out. They now also know that the fire engine is also the ambulance nowadays and can turn up in for medical emergencies.

“We appreciated the visit very much and value the emergency services and all the work they do in our community to keep us safe and help in times of need.”