Call for action on climate change

Ecan declares climate emergency

by Mike Isle

Environment Canterbury has declared a climate emergency; highlighting, it said, both the urgent need to address the issue and the work already being done to help the region respond.

“Climate change presents significant challenges, risks and opportunities to Canterbury and we’ve long acknowledged the urgent need to address climate change for the benefit of current and future generations,” Ecan’s deputy chair Peter Scott said.

“The council’s role is to support the region and its communities to better understand and proactively respond.

“We have no doubt at council that urgency is required. The science is irrefutable, and we have for some time now, been responding accordingly.”

In making the declaration, Scott said the council noted it already demonstrated climate change leadership, including establishment of the climate change integration programme; incorporation of climate change considerations into all council’s work programmes and decisions.

Working with regional partners to ensure a collaborative response; advocating and engaging with central government; and leading by example in reducing its emissions.

“There will inevitably be those who say we are still not doing enough. I’d encourage those people to find out more about the wide range of work we, the territorial authorities, and central government are already doing, and what is planned before they draw that conclusion,” Scott said.

He said there are no additional immediate financial implications for ratepayers.