The gift packs contained words of encouragement from Clearview Primary

Saying thank you

by Mike Isle

A Christchurch charity is providing gift bags and personal notes of encouragement to Christchurch Hospital staff and St John Ambulance staff who responded to the mosque massacres.

One Mother to Another is providing more than 400 gift bags as a way of saying thank you, and to encourage the hard-working St John Ambulance and Christchurch Hospital medical staff. Christina Buckland who, along with well-known TVNZ Europe correspondent Joy Reid, co-founded the charity said One Mother to Another primarily supports mums and carers of sick kids in hospital. However, given its close relationships with various nursing staff, it is extending its initiative to support those at the forefront of the recent tragedy.

It gave one hundred gift bags to the St John Ambulance service on shift on Friday. Buckland said the team leader burst into tears as she was so grateful at the gesture.

Three hundred more boxes were delivered to the Christchurch Hospital staff, filled with goodies.

“The gift bags contain a range of practical and luxury items and a personal hand-written card reading ‘We are with you. Thank you for everything you are doing to help Christchurch’,” Buckland said.

Senior students of Clearview Primary School in Rolleston decorated the gift boxes with artwork and words and pictures of encouragement.

“This was so well received by all the hospital staff they flooded One Mother to Another and the school with messages on of grateful thanks, often commenting on the artwork and wanting to thank the students by name,” Buckland said.

Speaking for the school, Clearview’s principal Rob Rush said, “We were thrilled to be able to support such a worthy cause and show some humility and appreciation towards the amazing hospital staff who were no doubt under a lot of pressure.”

For further details about donating to One Mother to Another or become a volunteer, visit the charity’s website: