Way forward for Selwyn Huts Photo: Auckland Museum

Future for Upper Selwyn Huts

by Mike Isle

Selwyn District Council has agreed to keep working with residents of Selwyn Huts to resolve their wastewater issues and ensure they can remain at the settlement as long as reasonably possible.

At its meeting last week, the council approved a recommendation for three representatives from the Selwyn Huts community to join the council wastewater subcommittee to work on options for wastewater collection and treatment. The committee will report back to council in September on its preferred options and a recommendation on how the work will be paid for.

The council also signalled its view that any wastewater options should be funded by the residents.

Property and commercial manager, Douglas Marshall, said the involvement of residents in helping to find a solution will be welcomed.

“We’re pleased that the members of the huts community are joining with the council subcommittee to identify a clear way forward, for the Upper Selwyn Huts community,” he said. Mayor Sam Broughton said the decision gave clarity to the residents at Upper Selwyn Huts. “The aim of the council has always been to ensure people can keep living at the huts for as long as possible while preparing for the future and the reality of the impact of climate change on the area.

“The decision makes council’s expectations clear and gives us a good set-up to keep working with the residents on a plan everyone can accept.”