A sign opposing the quarry has been erected by the Templeton Residents’ Association

Residents lining up to have their say

by Mike Isle

Residents fighting a proposed new quarry on the outskirts of Templeton will finally have their say officially. Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Council have now publicly notified the proposal.

Notification means that local residents and other interested parties can make submissions to either local body in support or against the granting of resource consents. The public notification comes just 15 months since Fulton Hogan first announced its intentions.

If the proposal goes ahead, Fulton Hogan revealed it wants the quarry running 24 hours a day for almost half the year — with up to 750 trucks entering or leaving the site every day. Fulton Hogan is seeking consents from the council for gravel extraction and processing, and discharge consent from Environment Canterbury.

That is something bitterly opposed by many in the Templeton and nearby Weedons communities.

A member of one of those groups opposing it Templeton Residents’ Association’s Jolene Eagar said the wait to make submissions had been taxing on the community, but she doesn’t blame the councils for that.

“Fulton Hogan announced in January 2018 their intention of putting in an application but did not actually do so until 21 November 2018.

“The councils were very understanding about the community’s concerns around the difficulty it would cause if they notified over the Christmas period.

“We are very grateful that the councils agreed not to publicly notify before the end of January 2019. After the stress and emotional toll of waiting all year for the applications to be made we all needed a good break knowing the community would have a fair opportunity to express their opposition to the proposed quarry.”

Ms Eagar said that the Templeton Residents’ Association had been working with local residents for more than a year to prepare for the application.

“Our community is planning to put in a large number of submissions against the proposed quarry and would encourage anybody that share our concerns to write their own submission. We share a lot of information on our noquarry.org website to help local residents keep up to date with the latest details.

“The only way to stop this quarry is by making our opposition heard as strongly as possible through the submission process.”

The Selwyn District Council has appointed a Friend of the Submitter to help residents make submissions. She is Janette Dovey, and she can be reached at friendofsubmitter@selwyn.govt.nz or by phoning the council on 03 347 2889. Submissions close on Thursday, June 6.