Remember Me by Mary Zurakowskia is for sale at the Selwyn Gallery

Exhibiting flora and fauna

by Ann van Engelen

In Flora and Fauna, Selwyn Gallery’s April exhibition, the beauty and fragility of New Zealand’s plant and bird life are highlighted at varying stages of their life cycles.

“We are pleased to show these striking works by three accomplished artists until Thursday, May 2,’ said Malvern Community Art Council chairperson Philip Baldwin.

“Photographer Stacey Weaver is fascinated by photographing flowers when they have just passed their best. Her moody but beautiful Nirvana series focusses on hypnotic petal formations.”

Each bloom in the series has been chosen specifically for its natural form, whether geometric or winding or fragile fins.

“With a narrow depth of focus Stacey’s photographs capture the whole flower while revealing but softening the effect of decay and discolourations in the petals.

“Artists Jo Ogier and Mary Zurakowski also have works on display. Jo is exhibiting two series of work this month. Her watercolours, highlighting fragile and ephemeral moments of small birds in their environment. She has also contributed three etchings in commemoration of botanist Daniel Solander, who arrived in New Zealand with Captain Cook aboard the HMS Endeavour. Six species of NZ plants were named in Latin after Solander, which will keep his contribution to NZ botanical history alive for future generations.

“Mary’s watercolours highlight the ephemeral nature of the wildflowers and birds that she chooses to paint. The compositional rhythm of her work captures the organic nature of the plant forms. She expresses her creativity and passion by painting, teaching art and design at New Plymouth Polytechnic, and running a boutique winery in Central Otago.

“Selwyn Gallery is open daily except Mondays from 10am to 4pm. Come and enjoy the variety of works on display. Check us out on”