Traditional Easter fun

by Andy Bryenton

There are few holiday traditions more fun than the good old fashioned Easter egg hunt — the scent of a crisp autumn morning and the promise of delicious chocolate to be found are only part of the magic. In West Melton, one local Easter egg hunt has grown alongside a new community, becoming a yearly fixture, which attracts families from all around.

What began with a single family’s good idea to hide their Easter treasures in the local park in Preston Downs, at the dawn of the new area has grown along with the populous. Now, as those original kids reach their teenage years, the Easter egg hunt has grown to encompass neighbours and friends.

A size of event, which needed a helping hand from local business to meet demand. With 1,500 eggs hidden last year and more to conceal for 2019, Ray White Real Estate in West Melton has stepped up, taking care of some of the ‘bunny related logistics’.

This year the action is set to happen at Kirrin Island, Preston Downs at 1pm on Sunday, April 21. Kids will be able to hunt for those hundreds of eggs, ranging from minis to marshmallows to hollow chocolate confections.

There will be a special area for the under two-year-olds to find their own Easter treasure and competitions for even bigger prizes. Expect treats for the best dressed, for the most fancifully decorated basket and for the winners of a colouring in competition run by the Ray White team. You can find out more about how to enter by visiting the hosts of the event at