Tourism spending takes off in Selwyn

The place to be

by Mike Isle

Tourism in the Selwyn district continues to grow with increasing visitor guest nights and spending.

The latest quarterly economic update from analysts Infometrics showed the Selwyn economy increased by 5.4 per cent during the 12 months to December 2018.

A highlight is the continued growth of tourism in the district, with tourism spending increasing by 14 per cent to $113m, up from $99 million a year ago.

Guest nights are also up by 6.3 per cent, or a total of 85,011 nights in the district during the year to December 2018; this is up from 80,005 a year ago.

The district’s mayor said this could be attributed to the hard work of local operators and the council’s efforts in supporting that work.

“More visitors are seeing our district as a place to stop and enjoy our unique offerings,” Sam Broughton said.

The update also showed the district’s unemployment rate had fallen to 2.1 per cent, the lowest in two years.

Electronic card consumer spending in the district increased by 14 per cent over the year to December 2018, compared to the previous year. That is well above the national increase of 4.5 per cent.