Dairy accounts for 79 per cent of Selwyn exports

China important to Selwyn

by Mike Isle

New Zealand has been warned to be careful in its dealings with China, and any wrong move could have an impact on Selwyn says business analysist Infometrics. Recently there have been concerns raised about the diplomatic relationship between New Zealand and China.

The 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism postponement and decisions on upgraded communications plans and other issues have created headlines and the prime minister has made a flying visit to China for top level talks. It is timely that she did, says economist Brad Olsen from Infometrics.

“Trade between China and New Zealand in 2018 made up 22% of New Zealand’s two-way trade. This result makes China our largest trading partner’, said Olsen.

In 2018, dairy exports to China topped $4.5b, That is where Selwyn comes in.

For dairy exports to China Selwyn is second only to Westland. As Selwyn strides to boost tourism it is significant to note that China has become New Zealand’s second largest tourism market after Australia – 12% of New Zealand’s total in 2018, behind only Australia’s 39%.

Olsen says New Zealand’s ongoing positive relationship with China is essential to broader economic success for this country.

“So, if there are issues in the New Zealand-China relationship, we’ll need to work them out, and quickly,” he said.