A total fire ban saw firefighters on high alert

Fire restrictions lifted

by Mike Isle

Fire restrictions throughout Selwyn have been lifted following a tense fire season, which saw the district’s firefighters on high alert.

The lifting of the restrictions means that open fires can be lit in Selwyn without a permit, for the first time since a restricted season went into effect on January 30.

At its height, the fire risk was such that all open fires were prohibited from February 20 to March 12.

The Record reported at the time that Emergency services have been on high alert for weeks.

Forest fires in Nelson at the time highlighted the risk throughout the South Island. Selwyn had sent a stream of firefighters north to Nelson to
help but could have been recalled immediately if there was an outbreak here.

Whilst the danger has primarily passed, Fire and Emergency New Zealand still recommend caution when lighting fires in the open.

They say to keep a constant check on the weather and be well prepared with sufficient material on hand to douse the fire if needed.

Fire permits are still required for all fires on public conservation land, except approved campground fires or a fire lit for cooking or warmth.