Connectme Kids has been established to help children become involved in a team sport

Connecting children with sport

by Ann van Engelen

ConnectMe Kids has been created as a way of helping children to be able to become involved club team sports for winter and beyond, without the financial commitment of subs and uniforms.

“This is something I have been considering for a long time and would like to find families and children that could benefit with ConnectMe Kids bridging the gap. We want to pave the way for children that need help to be able to join a team sport,” says manager Gerry Shackleton.

“Those of us who have children that have played or are still playing sport, know what an important part of their lives it can be. If we can make it possible for another child and family to become involved with the Saturday sport community, I think it would provide amazing opportunities for them.”

Gerry has contacted NZ associations for rugby, football, league, netball, hockey and basketball.

“I have had super positive feedback, and it is now about getting moving to see how they can get this around their networks. An example is Southern United Hockey require players in their Div 4 Platinum girls team for years 9 and 10. This team is a mix of players who have never played or played a little. They are offering to kit out a couple of girls and talk to the club about helping out with subs. Selwyn and Sydenham combined to make Southern United Hockey Club.”

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