We are one

by Mike Isle

As the news unfolded last Friday of a mass shooting in Christchurch, we did not know of its sheer horror and its scale. We did know though that we were witnessing something we did not want, did not believe and our Muslim community and our country did not deserve.

When the full horror of what occurred came out our grief and disbelief was worsened, and now, days later, the tragic, horrific event remains incomprehensible.

The team here at Integrity Community Media, publishers of The Record, extend our heartfelt condolences to those most affected — the victims and their families, the wider Muslim community and the people of Christchurch. There is no silver lining and nothing we can say to console you. Except this: that New Zealand stands united with you. We are one.

We also want to acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to those first responders, medical staff, defence forces and emergency services for everything they did during and after last Friday’s events.


Integrity Community Media