Competing at tractor pulling

by Laurie Willetts

The Tractor Pull competition is making a comeback at the South Island Agricultural Field Day thanks to Diesel Tune NZ and competitors who will show their skills.

“We are pleased to be bringing the event back to the South Island because it used to be the stronghold of tractor pulling in the country, especially modified tractors,” says Tractor Pull NZ general manager Vaughan Coy.

“The origins go back to horse and cart days and predates the motor. Farmers would compete to see whose horse pulled more. They would take a barn door off, lay it on the ground, and country folk would line up and step onto it as the horse walked past until the horse couldn’t pull it any further.

“It is referred to as ‘boy racer rural style’, and it takes skill to be successful.

It really is a unique environment to practice in, and our sled is a special system. Competitors improve their ability to get the best from their equipment. A guy years ago entered eight competitors because he knew his staff would learn how to set up their equipment better for everyday work.

He got his entry fees back in the first week of cultivating because the workers refined how to make relevant adjustments such as tyre pressures and throttle control.

“We will have three classes of competitors standard, modified and pre-1985.

A number of people have said they will bring their modified tractors from different parts of the South Island, so it should be an exciting event.”

Pre-entry registrations receive a free three-day pass to the SIAFD. Entry forms are available on the Tractor Pull NZ website.