Apprentice builders rise to the test

by Andy Bryenton

In an industry expecting demand for thousands of newly qualified professionals in the coming years, fostering the talent of up and coming apprentices is key. That’s why New Zealand Certified Builders, a well-respected industry organisation in the building trade, is keen to put their young learners to the test. It’s a challenge that builds self-esteem and confidence so they can build homes and business premises in the future.

The call is out right now for carpentry apprentices nationwide to enter and compete in the 2019 NZCB Apprentice Challenge, a test of the most talented organised in association with big supporters of the building industry ITM.

The competition will be held in 18 regions across the country consecutively on Saturday, April 6, and is open to apprentices employed by current NZCB builders or enrolled with Industry Training Association Building (ITAB).

All apprentices who take part in the regional Apprentice Challenges will receive a prize pack, thanks to NZCB Apprentice Challenge supporter ITM.

Even more, prizes will be awarded to podium place-getters in these rounds, and the regional winner will progress to the national final held in Christchurch this June. Hosting the big finale of this contest is a logical progression for a city, which has seen a massive amount of building work in recent years, and which is still a prime driver of demand for skilled and qualified pros in the trade. Here, they will compete for the Ken Read Memorial Trophy and $50,000 worth of prizes.

A week prior to the regional Apprentice Challenge events, competitors will be advised of the project they are to build and will be given eight hours to complete it on the day. To complete the build apprentices will be provided with durable, trade-quality timber and materials, and their structures must meet minimum safety standards. Apprentices’ final projects will be scored by a panel of experienced building practitioners and industry educators, who will be assessing a range of building elements, including quality of the craftsmanship, assembly, ability to work to a detailed plan, safe working technique and time management.

Apprentices can enter by visiting and filling out the entry form. Entries must be received by 25 March.