Ellen Cust is pictured here on the right with club member Susan Evans

Toastmasters comes to Rolleston

by Mike Isle

The international organisation that proclaims it is where leaders are made, has 357,000 members globally, and is represented in 143 countries, has come to Rolleston and is looking for new members.

Toastmasters International’s Rolleston Club is still in its infancy and has only four confirmed meetings but, according to president Ellen Cust the numbers are growing with every meeting, and members of other clubs are visiting to swell the numbers and the knowledge base.

Ms Cust said there are good reasons to join Toastmasters and its dictum Where Leaders are Made, is well deserved.

“We help people from more diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators and leaders,” she said.

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is one of the most common fears people have and is believed to affect up to 75 per cent of the population.

Ms Cust says Toastmasters can help.

“Toastmasters is exciting, flexible and a supportive environment offering real-world transferrable skills. It offers the opportunity to build up 300 unique competencies and 11 specialised learning paths.

“Our members come from diverse backgrounds such as the Defence Force, single parents, home executives and teachers. Everybody is welcome.”

One of those members Susan Evans said she joined Toastmasters to improve herself and to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.

“The meetings are fun, friendly, educational and very supportive,” she said.

Rolleston Toastmasters meet every Monday at 6.30pm, at Rolleston Men’s Shed, 54 Dynes Road, Rolleston.

To find out more about joining the new club contact Ellen Cust on 021 0272 4561 or write to rollestontoastmasters@outlook.co.nz. The club also has a Facebook page.