Last year’s colourful display delighted a large crowd

Hororata Night Glow returns

by Mike Isle

Get fired up for the Hororata Night Glow returning to the Hororata Domain May 18 2019. The inaugural event held last year captured people’s imaginations and delighted a huge crowd.

“Hot air balloons hold certain magic, and the Hororata Community Trust is very excited to be bringing the Night Glow back for a second year. The festival last year was amazing, not only for its entertainment value but it also benefited our community in many ways,” said Hororata Community Trust Executive Officer, Cindy Driscoll.

The event was recognised by winning the 2018 Selwyn Tourism award, with judges commenting “The judges were particularly impressed by the clear evidence of community engagement. It is clear that many community groups, and the community as a whole, benefitted from this event economically and socially. The balloons are undoubtedly the main attraction of the festival, but we have new surprises in the pipeline, which will see the Hororata Night Glow build on what we did last year, details of these will be released soon. The festival surrounding the Night Glow entertains visitors with science demonstrations, a walk through a cold inflated balloon, food and wine sampling, live music, a huge range of food vendors and much more,” Driscoll said.

“Running two large events (Hororata Highland Games and Night Glow) each year is a big ask for our community, not only for volunteer commitment but also funding.

“The Night Glow is a new event, which needs investment to establish its future for our community. It also represents an excellent marketing opportunity for innovative businesses. We always look at any partnership to be a win-win scenario. The Hororata Night Glow has the potential to be a major event for Canterbury with national and international appeal, but we will never lose sight of its community roots and ensure a family-friendly atmosphere with just a touch of magic.”

The Hororata Night Glow will be held Saturday, May 18 2019 at the Hororata Domain, 3pm to 8.30pm. Discounted tickets will be sold online from April 1. More information can be found at or on Facebook.